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  • Shattered Image of the Portal on the Sandisland
  • Hans and his Quest of Madness Image of the Twister Level
  • Shattered Image of the surface of the Starterisland
  • Hans and his Quest of Madness 2 Image of the final Level
  • Shattered Image of the Portal on the Tikki island
  • Image of Click the Pic - Discover Earth showing few ingame Views

We create virtual Worlds, creative Content, as well as Visualisations in Virtual Reality and interactive Applications. Do you want to bring your Thoughts to Life? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized Offer.

Realtime VR
2D Art &
3D Assets
Interactive Applications

Our Team is specialized in the Development of Video Games for Desktop as well as Mobile Platforms. All Content and Ideas are created exclusively by our Indie-Team.

Virtual Reality has become extremely important in recent Years. Whether Architectural Visualizations in Real-Time or VR Games, with our Help we can share these Experiences with you.

Animated Videos are perfect Tools to convey Feelings and Informations. Let your Ideas become Reality through our 2D or 3D Animations.

Whether you are looking for Logo Design or Concept Art for Video Games, we are eager to work with you on your Ideas. Contact us to get creative Solutions and Products representing your Ideas.

The Creation of 3D Assets is one of our greatest Strengths.
Whether you need suitable Assets for Games, or 3D Models for business Purposes, just contact us and we will create individual Models for your individual Needs.

Creativity and Interactivity are not limited to Video Games. We can also equip everyday Files such as PDFs and Videos with interactive Elements and Graphics, making them more user-friendly and informative.